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About Grahl Manufacturing

Welcome to Grahl Manufacturing, Home of Big Guy Equipment. Our focus is to make the lives and work of our customers easier. Big Guy Equipment is developed for that purpose, to ensure your landscaping and land maintenance needs are always met with one of our field rollers, lawn rollers, land levelers, spike aerators, box scrapers, or other custom fabricated peice. We specialize in the motto, "If you can dream it, we can build it." That's why you will never see a particular make or model at Grahl Manufacturing because no one knows your needs better than you do. We customize all of our products. If you don't know what you need, not a problem, our team of experts can help you with whatever the application may be. Need an accessory to your unit? We have a line of accessories with all our products that will leave a professional appearance. Big Guy Equipment is built to last for not just your lifetime, but for many future ones as well.

It's our love of a great product that led us to our custom fabrication department. We've built products for all industries from prototypes to full production of patented items. Our more popular items range from dumpsters to industrial carts, with the ability to fulfill bulk orders. Check out our product section to see how we can help you, or give us a call and let us show you what we can do.

Leader in Heavy-Duty
Long Lasting Equipment

With our manufactured agricultural products, you don't have to second guess quality. Big Guy Equipment is built for the toughest of projects. Our equipment is made with heavier material than most competitors on the market. You won't buy any other equipment after using a Big Guy product.
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New Product

We strive in keeping up with the demands of continuous growing markets; that's why we are always creating and/or improving upon products. Our new Easels are not just more durable but can be transported with ease. This easel design is ideal for colleges and universities.
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Buy Direct
Saves You Money

Skip the middle man and buy our products directly from us, the manufacturer. By eliminating dealers, you are guaranteed to have the lowest price on our equipment. We also provide shipping if needed. More Info More Info


From a blueprint to a prototype to a polished completed product, you will be delighted of our top notch quality. We look forward to any challenging project you might have in store.
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I purchased my pulled type 12 foot Aerator in October of 2011. Since then we have ran the machine over our pastures and Bermuda grass hayfields. The amount of increase in yields has been tremendous. Using the aerator twice a year is the only thing we are doing different. We have seen heavier grass earlier than before since using the aerator. The return has more than justified the cost of the machine.
We have been working with Grahl Manufacturing for many years. They are the most reliable partners.
Thank you for all your help through these years with our products.

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Grahl Manufacturing
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