Customer Testimonials

Twice I have had a need to create special exhibits with exact replica specifications. Jerry and his team have always managed to create anything I have ever needed. They far exceeded my expectations with regard to price, functionality, and quality. I would recommend Grahl Manufacturing to anybody with fabrication needs. Thanks, Ricky

Ricky Smith- BNSF Railway Co.
1625 N. Lexington Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

I was tired of buying a roller every year because of leakage and overall wear and tear. When I found the Grahl website and noticed how over-built these rollers are I knew my troubles were over. You will not be disappointed. The roller is built like a tank and the folks at Grahl are very helpful. This is one heavy duty piece of equipment that comes along with good communication and service from Rhonda and Jerry. I am very pleased.

Chuck Cera, Supervisor Physical Plant Services
Northeast Ohio Medical University
Rootstown, Ohio

I am very pleased with the farm field roller and aerator I bought from Grahl. The welding beats all others! The service at Grahls is excellent. Both items purchased were finished in a timely manner. 

Willie Compton
Republic, MO

I purchased an 8 foot Field Roller from Jerry and Rhonda. The roller is great- it is so well balanced when we pick it up empty it spins and spins. The entire unit is very rugged. Jerry and Rhonda were a pleasure to do business with. If you have any doubts about the quality of the equipment or the quality of service let them go- these are good people who genuinely care about their business and customers. I worked in a machine shop for several years and talking with Jerry (yes he will actually talk to you) I can tell he knows what he is doing.  There were no shortcuts taken in building my field roller. Grahl Manufacturing is one business of a very few I would happily recommend to anyone.  Its not a business that you say “Oh yeah- they are good” no it’s a business you want to tell your friends about because it’s a gem. 

Hallstead, PA

I purchased my pulled type 12 foot Aerator in October of 2011. Since then we have ran the machine over our pastures and Bermuda grass hayfields. The amount of increase in yields has been tremendous. Using the aerator twice a year is the only thing we are doing different. We have seen heavier grass earlier than before since using the aerator. The return has more than justified the cost of the machine. 

James Bell
Barefoot Farm and Ranch
Aberdeen, MS           Aleda, TX

I recently purchased an aerator after doing much research and studying about the benefits and potential of aeration. The first field I worked I had only aerated half the field and had to pull off to put up hay. Three weeks later I went back to finish the field, I was totally shocked to see how much taller and plush the grass was where I had aerated verses where I had not yet aerated the field. I have since been able to cut my fertilizer cost approximately half and my productivity in my hay operation has gone up a remarkable 30%. I want to thank Grahl Manufacturing for talking me into the purchase. The workmanship and quality are second to none of their products. Thanks again Jerry and Rhonda.


Don LaRue
LaRue Farms

We have used Grahl since they started business. We have always been very pleased with the quality workmanship. Jerry and his staff have been excellent to work with.

Ty Heavin
Pinegar Land and Cattle

Grahl Manufacturing does repair and fabrication work for the City of Republic. They are easy to work with, and complete our work quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Nick Ashbach
Street Superintendent 
City of Republic

Grahl Manufacturing has always done high quality work for our business and on a timely manner. They are very courteous and treat us with respect. I would definitely recommend them to anyone based on their professionalism and quality of work.

Rick Davis, President
Telstar Metals Co.
Marionville, MO


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Grahl Manufacturing
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