Big Guy Equipment Field Rollers Spike Aerators

Big Guy Equipment has a passion for Agricultural and Industrial fabrication. Our commercial products range from field rollers, lawn rollers, tilt-dumpsters / recyclable grease collection cans to customize jig/fixture work to ISO compliance fixtures. 

Metal fabrication is our realm of expertise and we pride ourselves in helping companies grow with their needs. Whether it’s the smallest of parts to the largest of machinery (both Agricultural and Production), we have the facility to produce one to thousands. Grahl Manufacturing has a pristine standard for product appearance and performance; and holds our quality to the highest levels of excellence.

From our Industrial department to our incredible Agricultural staff, Grahl Manufacturing is growing into an international success and we owe it all to our clientele. We look forward to providing the best service at the most reasonable price. You will find that we have a personable atmosphere and are equipped with the various lines of machinery that allow us to be your one stop company. So please take a look at our products and services and let us help you with all your project needs.

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Grahl Manufacturing
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